Date: 14/01/2021
Author: Lisa Riley
Company: IN Business Ninjas

IN Business Ninjas were privileged to be able to host a string of LinkedIn training sessions with Greater Manchester Chamber Members.

We had a such great response, but if you’re still not quite sure how to get more business using LinkedIn, then we trial our service to get things going by stimulating communication and building new connections from your LinkedIn profile with scale and purpose.


Using your Sales Navigator, for our trial we’d usually send 500 FREE invites to connect to new and highly targeted prospects. Then we send free follow-up messages to your new connections as a result of this activity. If you sign up for the trial before the end of January, we’ll double the activity to 1000 messages.


We offer all our trials speculatively in good faith because if we get it right, then hopefully 2021 will be the start of great working relationship with Ninjas, in fact, lots of new business relationships.


If you’d like to explore what’s involved, we’re happy to email you our Ninja Sales Navigator Resource which explains how this targeting subscription works on LinkedIn with Ninjas. Email or send me a message via LinkedIn