Old Levenshulme Library is New Venue for ALL FM

Date: 01/02/2018
Author: ALL FM
Company: ALL FM

When the old Levenshulme Library shut there were concerns over what would happen to the building. Built in 1904, this Carnegie Library served the community until 2016, when a new library was opened as part of the Arcadia Leisure centre, following a community campaign to retain a local library. In January the Levenshulme Old Library Group (LOL) took over the building and their first tenant moved in; ALL FM.

Broadcasting and radio training will now take place in the ornate surroundings of this grand old building. Whilst ALL FM trains a diversity of people for live radio shows, ALL FM Training works with companies and organisations using radio training to improve presentation and communication skills and team-building; you arrive in the morning knowing nothing about radio and at 4pm you’re going live on air.

ALL FM Director Ed Connole said: "We feel honoured to be based in Levenshulme Old Library. It served the community for over a hundred years and we plan to be part of a vision that continues to serve the communities of Manchester.  

"These communities include the Manchester businesses community with whom we will continue to help develop the skills of their staff via radio training and live broadcast."

For more information please email ed@allfm.org