Organise Payroll in the New Year

Date: 01/02/2021
Author: Julie Gaertner
Company: Payescape

What if every organisation had to make a New Year’s resolution? Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about company operations. What can be improved? What needs to be changed? Payroll is an often-overlooked part of the company operations that has major impacts on every part of the organisation.

The first step is figuring out what needs to be improved in your payroll process. Do you use spreadsheets to manage employee data? Is there a lack of reporting? Can your payroll software file directly with HMRC? There are so many aspects to payroll it can be difficult to see exactly where a piece is missing. Take a look at the overall process and figure out what is or isn’t working.

The next step is to determine any issues in payroll that could be causing compliance mistakes or filing errors. Do you have a team of CIPP-certified professionals available to help manage compliance questions? Is there a process for managing HMRC audits or requests? Compliance is a huge issue for companies when the payroll process isn’t running accurately. Getting compliance under control is a vital piece of the payroll puzzle.

The final step is to look for a software that fits your company needs and can scale with your team. Look for software that gives employees direct access to make changes to their personal and banking information using a self-service portal, provides customised reporting so your payroll team has real-time access to payroll data, and offers a team of CIPP-certified payroll experts to help along the way.

Talk to us about your payroll challenges and how we can help. Our cloud-based payroll software can alleviate compliance concerns, provide real-time access to payroll data, and much more. Get your payroll organised in the new year and get ready for new opportunities in 2021! Click here to get started:

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