Preparing to reoccupy the office?

Date: 14/05/2020
Author: Mark Bradshaw
Company: iPWC

Planning to allow office re-occupation?

We have compiled our workplace guide based on the latest information available to date along with the experience of our workplace consultants, change managers and facilities managers.

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This simple and practical guide will help you plan your organisation’s next steps as lock down measures start easing.

As an employer you must carry out a risk assessment of your workplace to address the risks of COVID-19, using the HM Government Guidance to inform your decisions and control measures. We have also included the key points made in HM Government Guidance for employers, employees and the self employed.

Specifically, we focus on what we believe to be the main areas of immediate consideration in preparing and planning for office re-occupation. The general approach in the short term, is for workers to remain working from home if at all possible and only for business critical employees (who are unable to work from home) to return to the office, along with those who volunteer to do so. In total, we estimate something around 20% of the workforce.  Maintaining distancing on public transport and in lifts/elevators, amongst other safety issues, are key reasons it is not expected that responsible employers would stipulate a return to the office.

If you’d like any further information after reviewing our guide or help implementing some of the recommendations, please do get in touch; our team of workplace, FM and change experts are available to guide you through the process.