Proudly made in…..

Date: 22/11/2018
Author: Dylan Moore
Company: Aqua Design Group

With Christmas on the horizon many small businesses will be wanting to promote their products and services in a more unique way.

Stockport creative, Aqua Design Group, decided to do something about this, to support fellow small businesses by creating a variety of ‘Made in’ badges starting with Stockport. Living in the town, they’re proud of the past manufacturing tradition and this has continued with there being a lot of makers and artisans based within Stockport. Aqua Design Group wanted a way for them to show it off.

After designing the Made in Stockport badge this was then seen by a Manchester-based artisan who asked Aqua Design Group to design a Made in Manchester badge for them. This was then seen by a Wigan-based chocolatier and Aqua Design Group were then asked to create a Made in Wigan badge to put on their products in the form of stickers and digitally on their website.

This has now inspired Aqua Design Group to create a Made in Blackpool badge and Made in Liverpool badge.

Dylan Moore, owner of Aqua Design Group commented: “I’m pleased that my design for the Made in Stockport badge has been well-received and that this has broadened out to creating badges for other regions across the North West.”

Emma Connell, owner of Cara-Lou Paper Cuts, said: “I’m proud to be from Greater Manchester and I feel the Made in Manchester badge will encourage people to support their local businesses with pride, and safe in the knowledge they’re helping their community to grow in even more ways. Without this badge it’d be hard to spot a local business, especially in today’s online society.”

To find out more about the Made in Stockport badge, including all the products that can be purchased for these, and the other ‘Made in’ badges, visit Aqua Design Group: