Report Reveals levels job satisfaction and engagement

Date: 22/01/2019
Author: 4and20million
Company: 4and20million

Untapping Potential details the findings of 4and20million's deep-dive survey of UK office workers' job satisfaction and engagement.

The survey sought to understand some of the alarming statistics we've seen from other research in the last couple of years, which has painted a picture of a UK workforce that is increasingly stressed, demotivated and unproductive. The headline findings of the research bear this out, with an alarmingly low 40% saying they were committed to their current employer, and just over half feeling their work is valued - figures no company would welcome.

Moreover, the motivation of this research was to dig deeper and find opportunities for improvement, and in interrogating the key areas crucial to performance and engagement, the report found some clear guiding principles to developing a motivated, productive and collaborative workforce.

Covering considerations of pay, line management, objective setting, business goals, working environment, flexible working, feedback and work/life balance, this research will be of great value to any company looking to maximise the performance and well being of their people.

Read the full report here