Reporting anti-social behaviour in Stockport just became easier!

Date: 18/02/2021
Author: Stockport Homes Group
Company: Stockport Homes Group

Stockport Homes is introducing a new app that allows people to report anti-social behaviour (ASB) in an easy, quick and reliable way.

Ensuring the safety and security of communities is a priority for Stockport Homes. Introduction of the app to anyone needing to report ASB in Stockport means that people will be getting an even better service experience. More and more people access services on their mobile or tablet – 72% of customers who visit the Stockport Homes website access it this way. Head of ASB at Stockport Homes Liz Smith, said;

“Previously your ASB Officer would give you an “Incident Diary” to complete as incidents occur, but many customers found this process time consuming. We listened to the feedback and have now launched an app, which enables complainants to log incidents as they occur direct from their smartphone or tablet. The app allows customers to log written details of what’s been happening as well as uploading photos, videos and sound recordings. The app even allows the Case Officer to send messages directly back to you thus improving communication!”

The team has been working with a group of existing customers to trial the app, and the feedback has been positive. One of the customers using the app said;

“Easy to download, so much better than having to write the incidents down, love the fact that you can use it to record evidence, enjoyed using the app and would definitely recommend to family and friends.”

You can simply search ‘ReMOTE Reporting’ in your app store. To find out more and for instructions how to upload the App to your device, please visit The web page also includes a short ‘Guide for using the App” video.

Jenny Osbourne, the Chair of Stockport Homes Group, said;

“We are delighted about the ReMOTE App’s launch, giving people the chance to use it easily anywhere on their mobile device. Now it’s even more important that people can report remotely as normal face-to-face meetings with your ASB Case Officer are on hold. The customer feedback received already when testing has been positive enhancing our customers’ digital journey and this way strengthening the safety in our communities.”