Salford Innovation Forum opening up opportunities in the local area

Date: 19/05/2022
Author: Artur Grzybowski
Company: Salford Innovation Forum, Oxford Innovation

It’s a really exciting time to be developing innovative business ideas in the Salford area, as Salford Innovation Forum, who provide flexible workspace solutions, are making positive steps to elevate innovative start-up and scale-up businesses in the north and help to reduce the gap between north and south.

In January 2022, Oxford Innovation, a key player in the innovation space, began managing and supporting Salford Innovation Forum. With over 30 years’ experience managing the UK’s largest network of innovation centres, the partnership with Oxford Innovation is already bringing new ideas and opportunities to the Forum.

Salford Innovation Forum’s newly appointed Innovation Director, Artur Grzybowski said,
“It’s my job to support the businesses at the Forum by utilising my own business experience and knowledge, combined with the wealth of opportunities and support from the wider Oxford Innovation network and their extensive experience of linking businesses with funding opportunities. This is a gamechanger for Salford and the wider Greater Manchester area.”

With 30,000 sq ft of flexible office space, Salford Innovation Forum is home to innovative businesses in health tech, science, robotics and engineering. Ideally located in the heart of Salford’s thriving ‘innovation triangle’ consisting of the University of Salford, Salford Royal Hospital and MediaCityUK, this innovative community enables businesses at the Forum to get the traction they need early on through collaboration and pilots of innovative products.

The partnership with Oxford Innovation provides access to a national network of opportunities with a number of centres across the UK as well collaboration between the innovation directors and over 700 businesses within their network. Within the first few months of the partnership businesses at the Forum have already benefitted from successfully receiving grants to develop their products further.

Artur Grzybowski added,
“What’s unique about Oxford Innovation’s approach is that it offers dedicated, impartial and bespoke support to each and every business. This may be identifying skill gaps and finding relevant support, or accessing grants or strategic business growth planning. We provide a friendly ear, as well as strategic support. In addition, being part of the Oxford Innovation network enables our businesses here in Salford to benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience and funding that is available. With one phone call to my colleagues I can now link Salford businesses into new opportunities nationwide with global impact. It’s brought all this to our doorstep which is really exciting and, in time, will have a knock-on effect for the whole area in terms of economic growth, job creation and will further elevate Salford position on the innovation map. ”

Centre Manager, Claire Kellett said, “We have seen the occupancy of the Salford Innovation Forum increase by 15% in the last few months, which is a sign that companies are taking advantage of the available opportunities, support and the great community we are building here."