Shared Harmonies featured on BBC Radio Manchester

Date: 07/03/2019
Author: Shared Harmonies
Company: Shared Harmonies

Shared Harmonies CIC was recently featured on BBC Radio Manchester discussing workplace wellness.

Emma Baylin, Director, Shared Harmonies, said: "We loved talking to Mike Sweeny about the amazing array of health and wellbeing benefits that singing in the workplace can yield. Mike also spoke to members of two of our Manchester work based choirs about their experiences and how they went from feelings of fear and believing they couldn’t sing to feeling like super stars!"

To listen to the programme click here - Shared Harmonies is featured just after 1.10. Shared Harmonies is currently looking for extra members for its open choir at Workplace, Churchgate House, Oxford Road.

To find out more about this or how Shared Harmonies can work with your organisation, please get in touch.


Emma was fantastic at encouraging everyone to participate. The event was well received, engaging and a lot of fun!

Comments from the team included:

“It helped me see that when the team come together, we can make great things happen”,

“I want to start every day with the positivity I feel now” and “Today, I’ve learned something new about people I have worked with for years”. Thank you so much for a brilliant session; Shared Harmonies is highly recommended by Nissan” Nissan

“It made the team sit up & realise that individually we are good but together we can make an amazing team! Everyone really enjoyed this activity & were buzzing after the event” Hermes

Benefits of Singing 

Both the body and the brain have a proven automatic response when we start to sing. Neurochemicals are released – Endorphins; which reduce our perception of pain & give us a feeling of euphoria, Dopamine; which improves feelings of wellbeing but also increases motivation & concentration, Serotonin – which aids memory as well as reduces feelings of loneliness & depression and Oxytocin; also known as the trust hormone, literally enhancing our feelings of connection to those around us. In the body, singing measurably reduces the amount of the stress hormone- Cortisol, it increases the flow of oxygen- promoting relaxation, improves posture, increases immune response & the breathing it requires classes it as an aerobic activity. The benefits are not based on being an amazing singer – just singing in itself and the impacts increase when you sing with others & the more you do it.

Shared Harmonies has developed techniques to enable these impacts to be brought into the workplace, delivering tangible impacts in employee wellbeing and colleague relationships increasing the overall happiness and productivity. We offer everything from conference energisers, to bespoke wellbeing & team building sessions to regular work based choirs.