Date: 01/02/2018
Author: Beever and Struthers
Company: Beever and Struthers

Accountants and business advisors Beever and Struthers flew in international finance specialists from Brazil and the USA to join the firm in addressing a major conference in Lancashire on trading with Latin America.

As the sole accountancy practice in the North West to be selected join HLB International (HLBI), a worldwide network of independent accounting firms and advisors, Manchester-based Beever and Struthers invited David A Springsteeen, chairman of the HLBI tax committee to be keynote speaker at Doing Business in Latin America, an international trade expo being delivered by East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce on 1st February.

David, a tax partner at WithumSmith & Brown in the firm’s Princeton, New Jersey office, spoke about setting up a business in Latin America and potential issues to be addressed.

Joining David on stage as fellow invitees of Beever and Struthers were: 

Presenting with David was Celeste Boucinhas, consultant and CEO of HLBI member firm Boucinhas Group, co-founder and former CEO of Home Agent S.A. and former holder of a leadership role at the American Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Supporting the presenters was Carlos Eduardo Goncalves, head of strategic consulting at Boucinhas Group and managing partner of Boucinhas Consulting LLC (USA). Carlos began his career in Sao Paulo before becoming CEO of Advanstar Communications LA and Tomra Latasa SA.

Alongside them was Caroline Monk, a partner at Beever and Struthers who heads the firm’s international division and acts a key contact for HLBI, advising clients on strategic and audit matters relevant to their international requirements.

Other main topics and influential speakers were: 

Latin America, a market overview: Ricardo Carioni, chair, Latin American Trade & Investment Partnership;

Doing Business in Latin America - Our Story: Keith Prytharch, sales director, British Velvets Ltd;

Etiquette and Culture: Jeff Carr, director, TW Languages Ltd;

Plane Sailing Logistics: Simon Booth, supply chain sales manager, DSV Air & Sea Ltd;

Effectively Exploiting the Latin America Market Place: Ricardo Carioni;

Export Currency Matters: John Sawyer, financial advisor, Moneycorp;

Grants for Export Travel and Exhibitions: Stef Heywood, international trade advisor, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

With a population larger than the European Union, Latin America consists of 19 sovereign states plus territories and dependencies that stretch from the northern border of Mexico to the southern tip of South America. Several countries including Chile and Mexico offer preferential trading terms for British businesses.

Caroline said: “Being the sole accountancy firm in the North West to successfully undergo a rigorous selection process to join HLBI allowed us to invite David, Celeste and Carlos to share their invaluable expertise of trading with Latin America with all at the Chamber’s prestigious event.”

Lucy Murphy, international sales manager, The Printed Cup Company, a previous Expo delegate said: “Great speakers and networking opportunities gave us a powerful insight in to the US marketplace. This inside knowledge on entering the US market saved us weeks of research in just one morning.  We have never gained as much insight into entering a foreign market as we did at the Chamber’s Expo. If you are serious about entering new markets, you cannot afford to miss these events.”

The event was held at East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.