Supporting SMEs in the region with business resilience

Date: 26/01/2021
Author: Paneesha Parmar
Company: Thinc

How quickly were you able to pivot your business when the pandemic crisis hit? Were you able to get employees working remotely? Could your people access the network from outside the building? Did you have the bandwidth – both network and resource – to troubleshoot and keep customers happy while keeping your employees safe?
For a surprising number of businesses, the important organisational to pivot to remote working only came through reactive response to the situation. Even if plans were previously afoot for digitalisation and modernisation programmes, they were often not far enough along or yet to begin when Covid-19 hit the UK.
Legacy systems, an inability to work remotely, resistance to change, IT operations that had been patched together in-house; these challenges are very real for many business owners, company directors and business operations leads.
At Thinc we are working with businesses to offer support and guidance with their IT infrastructure. Helping businesses make sure they have a well maintained, secure arrangement for remote access and up to date systems for business financials and operations to make sure everything stays up and running as it should even with minimal staff.
You can complete our online, resilience audit to discover how your business stands right now with regards to organisational resilience. The audit takes only 5 minutes to complete and will assess four key areas of your operations these are; IT management, digital maturity, cyber resilience and business continuity. On completion, you will receive a personalised report, specifically designed to give you a snapshot of where your business stands right now in relation to each of these key areas, and therefore your company's overall resilience against disruption.
You can arrange to have a free 1:1 consultation with our advisors to help you understand the next steps towards improving your business resilience and achieving business growth.

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