Surveys track how lockdown is affecting businesses and employees

Date: 18/05/2020
Author: 21st Century Leadership Company
Company: 21st Century Leadership Company

The 21st Century Leadership Company has created two new online surveys which help employers assess how well they and their staff are coping with the coronavirus lockdown.  

With some lockdown measures easing, for the vast majority of office based staff and others home working will be a fact of life for some time to come.  

As we start Mental Health Awareness Week now is the ideal time for businesses to use this chance to make sure their employees are engaged, looked after and can spot any areas that need attention. 

The Wellbeing Experience Questionnaire asks staff about things such as their diet and whether they are making time to relax.  

The COVID-19 Review Survey looks at how the business itself is performing, asking if business targets are being met and new ways of working are functioning. 

The surveyhelp employers to keep in touch with off-site workers about their working arrangements including their welfare, mental and physical health and personal security and can also be used to demonstrate compliance with government guidelines. 

The Chamber is pleased to bring this opportunity to business and for more information about using the surveys in your business, call 07796177120 or email