Three big wins for Timperley based Anti-Fast Fashion brand Uskees!

Date: 27/05/2020
Author: Sally O'Mahoney
Company: P and C retail (UK) Ltd

Anti-fast fashion brand Uskees bucks the retail trend and wins three new wholesale accounts. “The last couple of months have been tough for everyone, us included. We’ve kept Uskees going with a skeleton staff that’s been really hard work, but it’s felt all that hard work was worth it when we heard last week that Working Class Heroes, Sneakerser and Minerva Streetwear websites are going to feature the Uskees range” says Paul Clapham, Co-founder Uskees.

We wanted to create a range that rallied against the pitfalls of modern clothing, without compromising the quality and design of the garments. Something that was made entirely for the modern day, without succumbing to the glut of unsustainable present-day processes and we are absolutely delighted with the success we have achieved so far!

It’s a message that is resonating with the public and retailers alike during the current climate. We are offering a genuine alternative to the outdated notion of fast fashion.
Something that makes a difference to our audience, and in turn, our environment.

From 100% organic cotton to our natural corozo buttons, we use high quality materials - putting a passion for craft at the center of everything we do. We also offer free repairs and maintenance service, to ensure that our products don’t end up on the scrap heap.

Long live Uskees.
A range of long lasting, functional clothing, designed for the 21st Century.
Made to be worn by everyone, and built to last.