Top Tips in Using PR to Relaunch Your Business

Date: 08/03/2021
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Last week, Chamber PR partner, JournoLink, gave a master class webinar on how to plan a PR strategy as we come out of lockdown - click here to see the full webinar.

Below is a summary of the key outputs from the seminar.

After so much uncertainty, with lockdowns on and lockdowns off, as you reopen your business it’s vital to let your market know that you are back in business in as many ways as possible.

Some call it the ‘Promotion Package’, and it’s a mix of ‘Advertising’, ‘Direct Customer Contact’, ‘Social Media’, and ‘PR’, but the ‘PR’ piece often gets ignored. Yet, with 19 out of 20 of us now relying on independent reviews and recommendations as part of our buying decisions, what the journalists say matters more than ever. Engaging with them need neither be difficult nor expensive if you use GMCC PR in conjunction with JournoLink.

Use a four point approach to capture the journalists’ interest:

The Story

“Social” is about telling people you are open. PR is about telling people what a difference you being open will make to them. Think ‘so what’….and the story will come.

The Right Targets

Getting to the right journalists is key to getting to your target audiences. Either your own lists or a bought in one.

Add an Image

A picture tells a thousand words and will often catch the journalists’ eye just as much as the words.


Is everything. Both when news is trending, and when the journalists are asking for comments are the best times to get your business profiled.

For more advice read ‘Planning PR for a relaunch’, and check out ways in which GMCC can help with your PR needs.