UK Engage launches an all-in-one live voting platform for virtual conferences, events and meetings.

Date: 19/01/2021
Author: Clara Robinson
Company: UK Engage

Leading independent scrutineer and online voting specialist, UK Engage, has today announced the launch of its live Conference Voting platform. The all-in-one solution is a secure online meeting, presentation and live voting platform which combines all the elements of different virtual meeting packages in one place. The solution was developed in response to the increased demand for reputable, secure, and transparent online meeting platforms following the coronavirus pandemic.

The Conference Voting solution is suitable for all types of meetings where individuals vote virtually ‘in-person’ in real-time on questions and/or candidates for elected posts. It does not matter if the attendees are in the same room or in different locations, everyone can participate in the meeting. The platform allows attendees to see the presenter, submit questions or comments, watch the meeting presentation slides and vote (or re-vote) within an allotted voting period.

Combining all the individual packages and systems needed to run virtual meetings (where voting is included), Conference Voting offers a comprehensive solution to many current live, ‘in-person’ meeting obstacles. The solution is available as a self or managed service, depending on the organisation’s requirements.

The key benefits of Conference Voting for organisations include: -

• User-friendly system (administrator and user)
• Available as a self or managed service
• Presentation design functions (images, text, video, documents)
• Two slide design options – presentation and voting
• Questions and comments function
• For, Against and Abstain and live candidate voting
• Send meeting and voting messages via the system
• Anonymous and non-anonymous voting
• Set voting time window
• Set different voter groups for different ballots
• Withhold or publicise results to the attendees

“With the events of 2020 highlighting the need for more online meetings, especially where live democratic decisions need to be made, it is important that UK Engage is able to meet the market’s needs. With so many separate meeting software and voting platforms available on the market, we believe it is important to have a system that encompassed everything,” notes Andy Tye, General Manager of UK Engage.

Craig Poyser, Customer Service & Production Manager added. “Unlike other virtual meeting platforms on the market, Conference Voting gives customers the extra confidence of voter security, as it has actual accredited live voting technology at the heart of its functionality. Our system is based on encrypted communication and ensures complete separation of the voter ID and votes cast when generating results.”

The solution is available now as a self or managed service. Contact UK Engage on 0345 293 5555 or email to find out more.