Why should a business use a commercial finance brokerage?

Date: 27/02/2019
Author: Amiga Finance
Company: Amiga Finance

Getting funding for your business can be tough work. It can take a lot of time to do the research in finding a lender, applying for a loan, negotiating an agreement, understand the terms of the finance and knowing if what you have found is the best available option.

By using a finance broker, such as Amiga Finance, you can have this done on your behalf with the outcome intending to save you and your business time, effort and money.

Here are a few benefits to utilising a finance brokerage


A finance broker is a full time professional who is an expert in their area. We constantly study all relevant markets and receive regular briefings from our panel of funders to ensure that we understand the difference between all the options, interest rates and repayment choices available. We have the experience to help you understand all the choices available.

Access to funding

A good finance broker will have access to a panel of funders enabling them to source the best options from across the market. As there are more types of finance available to SMEs than most business owners realise, a finance broker can find a solution that meets the individual business needs with a suitable and cost-effective solution. By having access to a wide range of funders, from high street banks to alternative finance providers, we can deliver the most appropriate solution for your business.

Time saving

Modern business owners have become much savvier; often outsourcing their financing to a specialist broker which allows them more time to focus on running their business. Shopping around for the best deal has become increasingly common and one of the main advantages of using a finance broker is that we can do the all of the legwork. 

Saves money

Apart from the money saved in “time costs” by using a broker, it is part of a broker’s role to find competitive rates for the appropriate solution and it can possible for a finance broker to obtain better rates from the same lender than a business can directly.

Brokers work for you

When a business instructs a broker to help them obtain finance, then the broker is working for that business. The importance of having someone you can trust, and who is on your side, cannot be understated. A broker is someone who will take the time to understand you, your business and your sector. By understanding the business and its requirements, we are in an excellent position to secure the best and most suitable deal.

Like any other business, a financial broker's best clients are repeat clients and new clients referred by satisfied clients. It is therefore in our interest to put your needs first in any recommendations we make.

When you are next looking for business finance take the opportunity to use a commercial finance broker and let us demonstrate our worth.

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