Would you like to SELL YOUR COMPANY?

Date: 03/07/2020
Author: Marcos Ferreira
Company: Connect China Group

“It’s not enough to find companies with a good management team. I aim to find special situations where I can actually intervene to drive growth value to these companies.” Marcos J Ferreira (partner of Connect China Group).

As a private investor, I am interested in ingenuous companies which, alongside a second-tier management team, we can build to a higher level of value and an improved reputation in the market.

Have you ever thought of selling your business one day? Take a look at this data.

Only 20% of all of the Businesses listed for Sale ever Sell.
Business brokers only account for 10% of all transactions.
About 50% of deals that are agreed between Buyer and Seller, never complete.

It’s not my intention to scare you as a business owner, but it’s a fact. Business owners often get demotivated trying to sell their business as it does not meet their time expectations. Often they also need to reduce their selling price as they start to get anxious for an exit. The consequence is that they sell successfully but they feel frustrated at not being able to maximise their business’ sale value.

5.7M of businesses in the UK, 99.5% of which being SME's.
95% of business owners DON'T have an Exit Plan

Some people ask me why I don’t just invest in stocks. Actually, I do, but not all that much. The fact is, this is not my specialty. I have a couple of very good friends with high levels of experience in the industry, who are always inviting me to involve myself deeper in what they do, but my answer is always no. Stock investments are all about analysing data, and it feels like isolating an individualistic work. This simply isn’t aligned with my personality. Data is really important, but my passion is for people. I like to see the smile on their faces when we achieve our goals. I like to contribute to the progress in their lives and I also like to be actively involved in the directions we take together as a company. That is the main reason why I have had such a successful career and opened countless doors for all the business I have been involved with.
Why not have a 5 minutes discussion with me about your business?

I know your business is like your child, and I believe that we should approach our businesses in a similar way we approach the raising of our children: we have to give them the space to grow. I don’t always like to make promises, but I can guarantee that you will see in me the same determination and conviction that you’ve shown in the years you’ve spent developing your business. My life story is testament to that. I don’t intend to lay-off employees or dismantle the reputation you’ve spent so long building; my goal is to help the business prosper, using the wealth of marketing, sales and management knowledge I have developed over the years.

We are focusing on (can be reviewed on a case by case basis):

established position
stable industry
Sales revenue > £1M
EBIT > £250K
Net Margins > 10%
2nd Tier Management - Full or Partial

For more information contact: marcos@connectchina.cc