Your Deskless Employees’ Interest for Company News: Never Been Higher

Date: 22/05/2020
Author: GuavaHR
Company: GuavaHR

No doubt: the COVID-19 pandemic will certainly change our habits, and some of it might actually be good ⁠– how you do your company internal communications (IC), for example. At GuavaHR, where we develop a smart & easy-to-use IC tool for companies, we’ve been lucky to have had the chance to follow our new and existing customers’ IC trends before and during the pandemic ⁠– and we’ve surely been surprised. So, what do our stats say?

TECHNOLOGY IS NOT AN OBSTACLE Should you want to implement a new technology among your deskless employees, “now” actually seems to be the best time. Our implementation & onboarding processes have sped up from weeks to as little as just a couple of days, and we can sign up a massive 81% of employees in 96 hours. And that’s happening without any real-live onboarding events. Why? Because in a time where transparency and support are vital, more workers are more motivated to get in the loop and are signing up faster than ever before.

EMPLOYEES ARE HUNGRY FOR INFORMATION So, how are the employees doing once they are on board? In April, 91% of all users in GuavaHR were actively using the platform, compared to 76% in February. Workers have been clearly more interested in what their employers have to say, and afraid to miss out. Furthermore: the habit of visiting their company’s IC platform on a regular basis is sticking to them. We have witnessed the average visitor stats steadily increasing week by week, despite the fact that COVID-19 related posts no longer make up the majority of the content distributed by the management.

BUSTED MYTHS We sure do have some other interesting discoveries. When it comes to IT, the 60+ age group is usually the one companies are struggling with the most. Now, it’s the one with the highest activity of all with more than 94% of them active every month. Your elderly employees are certainly managing better than you think. Other minority groups are also doing well: workers
who have English as their second language and receive the information through automatic translation provided by our platform are as active and engaged on our platform as those reading the information in the language it was written in. And let us emphasise ​– ​we’re talking about companies where deskless employees make up the majority of its workforce.

OUR OFFER TO YOU Together, let’s make the best of the ongoing situation. Should you want to try out our internal comms platform GuavaHR yourself, all Manchester Chamber of Commerce members can now get it FREE for 4 months, no obligations. Contact us at or see our web page ​