Monthly Top Tip from JournoLink

Date: 25/05/2022
Author: Journolink
Company: Journolink

JournoLink highlights the best way to drive the reviews that will boost your sales.

Reviews and recommendations have never been more important for driving sales. Nine out of 10 of us now make our buying decisions based on what others say.

The key word though is ‘trusted’. Who do we actually believe?

Think advertising, social media and journalists.

  • Social media has had its time…now only 1 in 10 see social as valid and truthful.
  • Broadcast and Print are the most trusted. About half of us take what the journalists tell us as validated truth.
  • Advertising tracks both. Adverts on social are discounted whilst those in the recognised media hit home.

Check out the JournoLink blog: The three roads to sales growth through trusted reviews.

It’s not rocket science, and through the GMCC RP offer negotiated with JournoLink, accessing the trusted journalists to help build your sales is both simple and very affordable.