New German packaging law introduces Central Register

Date: 24/10/2018
Author: International Trade Team
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

On 1 January 2019 the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) will come into effect, which will bring a number of significant changes for companies introducing or circulating packaging in Germany. The main differences are mandatory registration with the newly created Central Register and mandatory participation in a German nationwide dual take-back scheme, the abolition of minimum thresholds and changes to the reporting of packaging data.

Non-compliance with the new Act will result in a distribution ban and fines of up to EUR 200,000. Registrations will be published online by the Central Agency, which means importers, distributors and competitors will be able to check compliance easily.

Registration with the new Central Packaging Register is now open at and companies will need to obtain a registration number to be shared with their selected take-back scheme prior to distributing packaging in Germany from January 2019.

As part of the new law, recycling targets for the packaging materials will be increased, reaching 63% for plastic by 2022 from the current 36%. A 90% target will be implemented for metal, glass and paper and board by 2022. The German government has introduced the changes to achieve greater transparency in the reporting of packaging to help it realise its ambitious recycling targets by 2022. Licence fees will be set by the take-back schemes according to how recyclable the packaging is, to encourage manufacturers to use environmentally friendly alternatives.

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