Online International Trade Courses

Date: 01/02/2018
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC

To complete our wide range of international trade training courses and to support our members with their international activities, we have launched our first online training course.

Focusing on Incoterms, companies can learn from the comfort of their office or home, the international commercial terms which regulate international trade. The Incoterms rules define the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller with respect to the packing, the transportation and insurance of goods as they are transferred from the seller to the buyer. Those rules are invaluable for understanding costs and liability. By understanding the Incoterms and choosing accordingly to your own situation, you will avoid costly misunderstandings and protect your company.

So, if you get confused with your Incoterms and do not know the difference between DAT and DAP, this course is for you. If you can’t afford the time and resources to come to on a training course, then sign up to our online Incoterms course.

Roy Stephenson from Trust Distribution, who completed the course, said: “I found it useful and I like the way it’s set up – so you just do small bits and save where you’re up to. It was all easy to follow and I didn’t experience any technical difficulties. I am happy with it."

Prices range from £83 for members to £108 for non-members (excluding VAT). If you would like to sign up or receive further information, please contact