Property & Construction Update

Date: 16/01/2020
Author: John Marland
Company: Bruntwood

John Marland, Director of Building & Construction, Bruntwood, gives an update on the Chamber’s Property & Construction group.

The P&C group grapples with many industry related issues and tries to provide appropriate support and relevant insight to the membership so they can meet the challenges head on.

There is a tendency for the P&C sector as a whole to be ‘done to’ as opposed to leading from the front. This in part has been down to a vacuum of strong leadership within central government and regionally in the areas that directly affect the industry. It is difficult to highlight an area where we could say that performance has met or exceeded expectations. The Chamber is not accepting of this but this is ultimately the challenge we face and for all us to play our part to positively change the status quo.

If nothing else, the election has politicians queuing up to get behind anything to do with investing in infrastructure, house building and hospitals. All of which should have a direct positive impact on many of the Chamber members.

However, it is responding to the environmental movement that will start to drive everything we do. Organisations that fail to recognise their own carbon impact and equally, what they are going to do to reduce it, will not survive in the medium term. It is therefore an imperative for all us to put in motion, strategies that will start to make a positive impact in carbon reduction. The day that the inevitable legislation comes into force should be welcomed and not feared. Organisations that are well down the path when this happens will have a clear competitive advantage.

Consultants will need to morph and up skill themselves to support every element of the supply chain at all stages of the development cycle to score and mitigate carbon impact, again a clear opportunity.

So don’t just sit back and wait to be told what to do, get on board and get ahead.