Report from Q Energy shows over 50% of Greater Manchester businesses have no awareness of the UK’s Net-Zero ambitions

Date: 03/11/2021
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

The report “It Starts Here: The Road to Net-Zero for GM Businesses”, produced by Q Energy and supported by results from the GM Chambers’ Q3 Quarterly Economic Survey also highlighted the issues and challenges businesses faced when wanting to make a start on their net-zero journey.

Vijay Natarajan Founder and COO of Q Energy said: “This report could not have come at a better time with the eyes of the world on Glasgow and the acceptance that we really are at a critical point as regards net-zero. The race to a sustainable future isn’t just a race, it’s a team sport with everyone having to play their part. This especially includes the UK's Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), a sector that accounts for over 99.9% of UK businesses and contributes to 50% of all commercial emissions across the country.”

“It is very worrying then when 55% of businesses say they are unaware of the UK’s net-zero ambitions. We would have hoped to have seen a much lower number than this. The question around challenges faced highlighted the lack of information around net-zero, carbon measurements and reporting as being the main issue faced with 49% of businesses citing this closely followed by high up-front costs of solutions and services.”

“The better news came from the question focussed on the motivation for starting net-zero activity with 57% saying they were doing it for environmental and sustainability goals rather than efficiency gains and/or cost savings (35%). This is surprising considering we’ve just come out of a pandemic and finances for many businesses are an increasing worry.”

“The final question focussed on what businesses were already doing on their net-zero journey with many undertaking a range of actions including practical changes such as LED lighting, turning down appliances as well as planning to install on-site renewable generation such as solar panels or battery storage.”

“It is quite clear from the report that Greater Manchester businesses care about creating a sustainable future with active plans for the next 12 months and beyond though some still see this as an expensive option. At Q Energy we believe that there is a key part to play in a data-driven approach to this around remote monitoring of equipment and developing a smart carbon reduction platform with web and mobile app interfaces. But first of course it’s vital businesses understand their carbon footprint so they can tackle the priority areas first and we can help them do this.”

“We have set up the Energy Savers Club and a free Net-Zero Reporting tool that allows businesses to calculate their carbon footprints and their carbon reduction targets. Now, more than ever, action and practical help should be at the forefront of any message around net-zero and at Q Energy we can help businesses with this and achieve the ambitious target of GM becoming net-zero way ahead of the government’s 2050 target.”

Copies of the report can be accessed here.

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