Transport and Connectivity tops the to-do list for the next Mayor

Date: 28/04/2021
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce have identified transport and connectivity as being the main focus for the next Mayor of Greater Manchester ahead of the election on 6th May.

The results of a members' survey and discussions at recent Assembly meetings showed that, out of the issues the Mayor has direct control over, transport topped the list for immediate action post-election. Digital connectivity and poor transport links for people and freight were highlighted as the biggest issues facing businesses at present.

Greater Manchester Chamber President Robin Phillips (pictured) said: “At our Assembly meetings and in all our issue-based surveys, the ability to get businesses and people to connect always comes near the top of priorities for action.

“These results match some of the thinking behind my Presidential theme of ‘Connectivity & Innovation for Growth’ which not only looks at infrastructure challenges but the wider ability for businesses to connect and collaborate with their customers and partners, to drive innovation. Without the means to do this easily, either in person or virtually, the economic growth we need coming out of the pandemic will be weaker and take longer to have a positive impact for everybody.

“Whoever wins the mayoral election, they will face a number of challenges as things get more back to normal following the pandemic and it’s important that they make clear their ambitions, actions and how they will work with business to help make things happen. A successful, connected, Covid-safe and zero carbon transport network coupled with accessible, advanced digital communications, will help set the ambitions for what we need to achieve across our community and put Greater Manchester back on track for growth and success into the future."