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Date: 18/07/2018

Petear makes meetings more efficient, cost-effective and perhaps even more fun!

Meetings often involve big heaps of paper, individual documents and a series of notes. Meeting agendas are susceptible to change, and sometimes it is unclear which is the most up-to-date version of a document. Petear has developed meeting software to solve these problems and make meetings easier. Petear is more than just a tool. Our meeting software makes meetings more efficient and cost-effective. Thanks to our turn-key solution, employees can start using our meeting software immediately.

Effective and efficient

If you opt for paperless meetings, you are choosing a digital solution. This digital solution offers excellent opportunities for making meetings more effective and more efficient. Looking at how much time is spent on each aspect of a meeting, it turns out that most time is spent on participants sharing their views. Petear allows participants to share their views on the different agenda items before the actual meeting. Views can be supported with documents. These views and documents can then be shared with the other participants of the meeting. In this way, the general opinion concerning a certain agenda item is known in advance, which means that participants can immediately go on to discuss the details of a particular topic.

A browser will suffice

To use Petear, you only need a browser. Since having a browser is the only requirement, every device with an installed browser can be used. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Petear can be used simultaneously on different devices. For example, you can prepare your meeting on a desktop computer. Then, during the meeting itself, you can use a tablet or an iPad. Finally, to round off, you can go back to your desktop device. Because the system is browser-based, external participants can easily join and participate in a meeting. This means that external participants do not need to install any software and can use any device.

Petear is useful

for everybody who meets Petear makes meetings more efficient and cost-effective. Anybody who is interested in this way of meeting, can use Petear. When you are in a profit or not for profit organization; when there are 10 or 1000 participants; Petear will support you in all your meetings.

Try Petear for free

It is possible to use Petear for free for 25 meetings. All options are available and you can invite as many participant as you want; inside and outside your organization.

Go to this page; and leave your contact details behind. We will contact you, create an account and explain how it works.

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