International Trade Readiness Assessment

The International Trade Readiness Assessment provides companies with the opportunity to meet with a member of the International Trade team and discuss the potential of an internationalisation strategy.

This free assessment can help you to gain an understanding of your company's readiness to embark on the international trade journey. It is suitable for companies who are considering starting their journey, or for those who want to learn how our team can help their international business. While you are at the start of your export journey, an International Trade Readiness Assessment is key to identifying any additional steps you may need to take.

Benefits of an International Trade Readiness Assessment:

  • Helps you understand where you are in your export or import journey

  • Helps you understand whether your product is export ready

  • Helps you establish any skills gaps in your business which may hold up your internationalisation process

  • Helps you understand whether your current marketing channels and resources are suitable for international markets

  • Provides guidance on finances and business planning

  • Connects you with specialised advice via Greater Manchester Chamber's network of partners who can help you develop an export strategy

If you wish to book a free Trade Readiness Assessment with a member of our team, please contact