Chamber Board Releases Self-Evaluation Results

Jun 14th, 2017 - Last updated at Jun 14th, 2017


As part of its ongoing activity to ensure that the Chamber’s governance model remains strong and effective, the Chamber’s Board recently undertook its annual self-evaluation.

This exercise allows the Chamber’s Directors to ensure they can effectively ensure that the Chamber’s operations are delivered in a way to safeguard members and ensure the company is responding and reflecting to current issues.

Overall the results were positive with 91% of responses either ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’.

Key Findings

The results from when Board Directors when questioned on their understanding of the Chamber, its work and their role in guiding showed:

  • Understanding of their role and responsibilities (56% strongly agree / 44% agree)

  • Understanding of the Chamber’s vision mission, values and objectives (67% strongly agree / 33% agree)

  • Is focused on strategic issues and monitors and evaluates progress (33% strongly agree / 67% agree)

Board members said focal points for the Chamber in the next 12 months should include:

  • Working with the Combined Authority and Mayor of Greater Manchester

  • Working closely with other northern Chambers