Collaborative research

Our Research team is working to further strengthen its already substantial reputation and influence amongst local and national institutions and government and grow, in collaboration with the region's primary research institutions, to become the recognised voice of business-led research and intelligence in Greater Manchester.

The Collaborative Research Programme is designed to significantly broaden Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce's economic and policy research and data analysis capabilities. It is in the process of building a dedicated digital economics platform for its substantial assets in micro- and macro-economic research, intelligence, forecasting and modelling and is now embarking on a similar project to better understand its members' needs.

Improving outcomes

The Chamber is developing a unique programme to work with colleges, universities, business schools and similar organisations to deliver a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and other professionals to work with the Chamber's policy and research teams. This will provide a number of wide-ranging opportunities within real, commercial projects with experienced economists, analysts and policy specialists to support and guide them.

Through this new development, the Chamber aims to deliver significant and sustainable additional research capacity, not only to expand and develop its existing work streams, but also to embed the latest research from our academic and professional bodies into the region’s leading business network. Reciprocally, it will also support the growth of current business thinking and experience within the region’s educational institutions.

The Chamber will also consider projects commissioned or led by partner educational institutions as well as those delivered from within the Chamber as part of its regular work.

The Chamber's Collaborative Research Programme is based on the fundamental principle of full, open collaboration. It is freely offering its current and future database of live research data to enable a diversity of views that will shape and strengthen the research, intelligence and understanding on offer to businesses and key partners across the region. If you'd like to be involved, then contact the team on