Doing Business in the UK

The UK has consistently ranked in the top when it comes to attracting inward investment and acting as a springboard for developing further business in Europe.  Greater Manchester is the fastest growing city-region economy as well and largest inward investment recipient outside London making it a very attractive location for overseas companies seeking to grow their footprint in Europe, but also as an option for their supply chain needs and as a way to grow their sales in the UK and beyond.

The Chamber is committed to encourage and promote bilateral trade and investment opportunities.   We are happy to help foreign companies seeking to:

  • Export to the UK

  • Import from the UK

  • Invest in the UK, and specifically Greater Manchester

We have an in-house team who works closely with partners across the region and nationally able to help you whatever strategy you are looking to develop in the UK.  In fact, we have designed an International Membership, exclusive for overseas companies with no legal representation or presence in the UK, who are interested in scoping the British markets and grow their business here.

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Do you need help setting up a presence in the UK?

You can connect, free of charge, with many of our members offering a wide range of services - from accountancy to legal and recruitment to much more.