Chamber Complaints Procedure

Greater Manchester Chamber aims to provide the best possible service at all times, but if a member does have a complaint, the below procedure explains how Chamber staff will respond.

 Complaint Prevention

  • Chamber staff will proactively seek and monitor membership feedback

  • Short quality surveys will be used as an indicator of dissatisfaction

 Communication with Complainants

  • The Chamber will ensure complainants feel listened to and believed

  • Complainants will be treated fairly and efficiently 

  • Complainants will always be aware of who is dealing with their complaint

  • The Chamber will regularly keep complainants informed of progress

Chamber employees will always:

  • Be courteous, treat Chamber members with respect and show empathy with them

  • Allow members to voice their feelings fully

  • Listen actively to ensure that the nature of the complaint is clearly understood

  • Be satisfied that the complaint is consistent with the facts available

  • Be credible and have access to the correct information

  • Take responsibility for checking out what has happened (though without admitting to any liability or fault at this stage)

  • Refrain from making any commitments they may be unable to fulfil

  • Keep any promises they make to customers, particularly regarding response times and remedial actions

Complaints Process

  • On receipt of a complaint, the member of Chamber staff will use the below ‘Complaint Information to Log’ as a guide of what information to note on an email / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

  • Complaints will be logged on both the CRM system and emailed to the Lead Regional Manager of the area, and Director of Membership / Department

  • The member of staff will liaise with the Lead Regional Manager / Director of Membership on a timely, efficient response – once approved, they will communicate this with the member

  • If the complaint is serious, or unresolved, it may need to be escalated to the Director of the department concerned

  • If a further escalation is required, it will be passed across to another member of the Senior Management Team

  • When a complaint resolution has been reached, this must be signed off

Complaint Information to Log

The following information will be logged:

  • Date and time complaint was received

  • Contact name, role, phone number, email address and business of complainant

  • Nature of complaint

  • Department the complaint relates to

  • Dates of follow up and updates required

If you wish to make a complaint, email