GMCC Excellence Awards

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the return of the GMCC Excellence Awards, sponsored by BioPharma Dynamics.

As an integral part of the Greater Manchester business community, the Chamber launched these awards to recognise the contribution and success of member organisations across all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. 

The GMCC Excellence Awards will showcase and celebrate business achievements and resilience, highlighting businesses, leaders and teams who have demonstrated success within their industries and communities in Greater Manchester. 


Applications for the GMCC Excellence Awards 2023 are now closed. 

  • Close for entries 8th September  

  • Short list announce week commencing 15th September 

  • Winners announced at the GMCC Excellence Awards Celebration Lunch on Friday 3rd November. Details on the lunch can be found here  


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Awards Categories

The Awards Categories are:

  • Best Marketing campaign 22/23, Sponsored by Convenzis - Recognising outstanding creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in the field of marketing. We are looking for campaigns that have demonstrated remarkable strategies, exceptional execution, and measurable results. Winning entries should showcase the ability to captivate and engage audiences, drive brand awareness, and generate significant business impact. We want to hear about groundbreaking ideas, compelling storytelling, seamless integration across multiple channels, and a clear demonstration of the campaign's contribution to organizational success. 


Real Estate marketing

Hussel Marketing                                                                                                                                       

Good Employment Charter


  • Charity Initiative of the Year, Sponsored by DJH Mitten Clarke  - The Charity Initiative of the Year award celebrates exceptional efforts in social impact and community engagement. We are seeking initiatives that have made a significant and tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Entries should showcase innovative approaches to addressing societal challenges, effective resource management, and a clear focus on sustainable outcomes. Winning initiatives will demonstrate strong leadership, collaboration, and a profound commitment to improving the well-being of others. We want to hear about the measurable impact achieved, inspiring stories of transformation, and the overall contribution to creating positive change in society. 


Salford Foundation
Compassion in Action
Rakem Group

  • Growth Award, Sponsored by University of Bolton - The Growth Award recognizes exceptional achievements in business expansion and development. We are seeking companies that have demonstrated remarkable progress, increased market share, and achieved significant financial success. Entries should showcase effective strategies, innovative approaches, and a clear vision for sustainable growth. Winning companies will have demonstrated outstanding leadership, adaptability to market dynamics, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We want to hear about measurable milestones, successful market penetration, and the overall impact on the company's success and industry influence. 


A Year of Dates 

Cowburn Watson - Box

MJM Contract Services

  • Large Business of the Year, Sponsored by Signature Group - We are seeking companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance, leadership, and sustained growth. Winning entries should showcase strong innovative strategies, skills development and a commitment to corporate social responsibility. We want to hear about transformative initiatives, successful market expansion, and the overall impact the company has had on the industry and the community. 


Interact Contact Centres

Argyle NW

INX International

  • People and Community award (Skills / training / community output), Sponsored by Convenzis - The People and Community Award recognizes exceptional efforts in promoting skills development, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. We are seeking initiatives that have made a significant impact on individuals and communities, empowerment and creating positive change. Winning entries should showcase innovative approaches to skills development, effective training programs, and tangible outcomes for participants. We want to hear about the positive influence on individuals' lives and the overall contribution to building stronger, more resilient communities. 


Halle Concerts Society

  • SME Business of the Year, Sponsored by Esprit Group - The SME Business of the Year award acknowledges the remarkable achievements and contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We are seeking companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance, entrepreneurial spirit, and significant growth within their industry. Winning entries should showcase innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. We want to hear about successful strategies, overcoming challenges, and making a positive impact on the business landscape. The winning SME should exemplify excellence in business practices and serve as an inspiration to other small and medium-sized businesses. 


Ash Integrated Services
A Year of Dates
Sylvan Financial Management

  • Sustainable Solution of the Year, Sponsored by Salford Professional Development - The Sustainable Solution of the Year award recognises exceptional contributions in the development and implementation of sustainable practices and solutions. We are seeking initiatives that have effectively addressed environmental challenges, reduced carbon footprint, and promoted eco-friendly practices. Entries should demonstrate innovative approaches, measurable impact, and a commitment to long-term sustainability. Winning solutions will showcase a clear understanding of environmental issues, the utilisation of renewable resources, and a positive contribution to a greener future. We want to hear about tangible results, scalable models, and the overall impact of the solution in creating a more sustainable world. 


Ash Intergrated Services


  • Global Star, Sponsored by Equals Money - We’re looking for a global superstar who has not just excelled in exporting but has also ventured into new markets with remarkable success? Whether you're an experienced exporter or a recent global player, the Global Star Award could be yours.

    Let us know how you’ve;

    Boosted productivity, sales revenue, or profitability by expanding into new markets.

    Innovated your processes or introduced groundbreaking products or services globally.

     Effectively managed the risks of relying solely on your domestic market.



Idem Safety
IPEC ltd
Genus Recycling


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the awards, or you need any further information about the events or sponsorship opportunities, please contact either Lea-Anne Gardner via 

Thank you for your interest in the GMCC Excellence Awards and we wish you the best of luck!