Planning for Success


When it comes to business, planning is everything. The right support and advice can reduce risk and save you valuable time and money.

Our Planning for Success Services have been designed to help you develop a robust international strategy whilst access information and expert advice on the complexities of trading ensuring your business has a solid compliance platform which meets domestic and international regulations.  

From finding your next global market to help you navigate through customs rules and processes through up-skilling your workforce with our uniquely practical online and face to face export and import training courses, as well as tapping into sound expert customs compliance advice and services, our team and global connect network at a hand to help scale up your international ambition.

Why not see what our members and Export Champions, Vernacare, have to say about our international trade services? 

 'Since engaging with the Chamber in 2012 the exporting process has been made much easier for us. The Chamber has supported us throughout,  including helping us with export documentation, new distributor searches, organising Meet the Expert events and cultural workshops. 

From the support GMCC has offered to Vernacare in multiple global markets, exports now comprise 38% of the company’s total business, with 21% of turnover coming from international trade.

As Christina Smith puts it: "Export is the growth engine of the company and as a result, we continue to invest resource and time into maintaining our position as market leader in some markets whilst developing our business in areas of the world which are relatively new to us.”'


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