Ghislaine Howard Collection

Welcome to the ‘Ghislaine Howard Collection’ at Elliot House, home of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

‘Ghislaine Howard’s paintings invite us to contemplate what the human body can communicate as it moves through space and time and how it interacts with others. Her studies of the human form are important - they open a space for us to consider and to ask questions. Ghislaine’s paintings do what all great art does, they invite us to explore our own experience of the world unfolding before us and within us.’

The ground floor rooms have been co-curated by Al and Al, filmmakers/artists and Creative Directors of Haigh Hall.

The rooms on the first floor are open to visit, as is the space on the second floor. If not in use, the four rooms on the ground floor may also be visited.

All the spaces in the Chamber are open to visitors on the last Friday of every month (excluding December) from 12 until 5pm.

We hope you enjoy your visit. For sales queries or further information about the work, please contact Ghislaine on: