If you're a business with less than 50 employees, our partners at Morson Cyber Security offer affordable, cost-effective solutions that fit for your business.

Protecting your business 'online' is more important than ever before. We offer a number of services through our partners at Morson to help you protect your business. Find out more about each of the services below...

Cyber Score Rating / Vendor Risk Management  

Our solution is the leader in the rapidly growing cyber security ratings sector. Similar to a credit rating but indicating breach risk, we provide organisations with a continuous and comprehensive record of their security status and their supply chain. We are already rating over 100,000 companies and adding 500 more every week. Organisations need to ask: 

  1. How is my current investment improving my security posture (as can be observed by investors, customers andregulators)?
  2. How do I compare to my peers?
  3. How much risk are my suppliers, 4th parties, subsidiaries and acquisitions adding to my business?

Many organisations work with several business partners. Without a security rating service, it could take a team of multiple employees to acquire information about the security performance of these third parties. We provide information on a company’s security posture with the click of a button so you don’t have to wait for the results of a questionnaire or assessments. With readily available information, risk and security professionals can get an in-depth, continuous view of risk for their organisation, partners and supply chain. 

Find out more about Cyber Score Rating

MSS – Managed Security Services  

Morson offers a range of managed security services. This offering utilises world class cyber security software solutions, as used by major organisations and Security Operations Centre’s (SOC), with no need to licence software or to employ skilled cyber personnel. 

These services provide pro-active monitoring, alerting, reporting and advice on remediating security issues where needed. Deep forensic investigations services are available for organisations which don’t have the skills, resources or budgets to manage their own cyber security defences. Our services adhere to Government GPG13 standards and produce bespoke alerts, assisting with cyber protection and compliance. 

Training and awareness  

Morson Cyber Security also provide CPD approved online training courses to help you comply with GDPR & cyber awareness. The presentations are user friendly and on completion of the course, offers a downloadable compliance certificate.  

To enable you to monitor your employee’s training progress, we can supply you with a full list of users who have successfully completed the course, have ‘started but not finished’, or have ‘not started’ the course. In addition to this, we can bulk email reminders to users on an agreed date. Sample courses include: 


This GDPR training course is for everyone who handles personal data. It provides a broad understanding of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – which are all about keeping personal data safe and protecting the interests of the people whose data it is. 

 Cyber Awareness 

This Cyber Security Awareness training has been designed for everyone to use. It includes some straightforward practical steps that will help to protect computers, networks, programmes and data from unauthorised access. It's CPD approved and provides printable certificates.