Bridging the gap with an innovative technology partnership for our members

Date: 21/01/2021
Author: GMCC & Nybble
Company: GMCC & Nybble

The Chamber is delighted to announce that it has formed a technology partnership with Nybble Information Systems, one of the North West’s leading IT managed service providers, apps, audio visual signage and cyber security companies.

This technology partnership has been co-branded to members as “the Chamber’s technical support package, powered by Nybble” and our vision is to provide cost effective benefits and solutions to any member’s issues, building upon the existing services that Nybble has already done for the Chamber.

These services include managed firewall & connectivity over leased lines; security and anti-virus / ransomware protection solutions; a wireless connectivity trial; cloud controlled digital signage and screens at the Chamber’s offices, as well as boardroom technology and signage in our office at Manchester Airport; an innovative digital hand sanitiser, with screen plus IT, cyber security and audio visual advice to its 5,000 strong membership.

Key to the success of the partnership will be member interaction, through a series of webinars, newsletter articles, responses to questions and sector focused events.

The first joint event was on 9 October 2020, involving a one-hour webinar outlining the new service offering and the first IT educational advice for productivity improvement, when the benefits of using Windows 365 was explained.

Commented Lewis Crowe, Membership Value Manager, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce: “As the largest Chamber in the UK and being in existence since 1878, we pride ourselves on being very creative, modern and forward thinking. We aim to reflect the key characteristics of the region, which is dynamic, innovative but also having respect for our culture, traditions and history.

“We want to help and sustain the driving force for regeneration and the establishment of Manchester and the vicinity as a “world city”, based on the development and maximization of emerging technologies.

“This partnership will help businesses in the region be both more technology driven and savvy, as well as understanding the need for cyber protection, to ensure that our hard-won advantages are not lost through cyber security breaches.

“Furthermore, it is these types of benefits that has helped us maintain our membership figures during Covid, both by retaining existing members and attracting new members. This success has made us one of the leading trusted service providers in our sector.

“Before discussing a partnership with Nybble, it was important to establish that Nybble was already playing an active part within the Chamber and that their products and services were of the highest standard. I am delighted to confirm that this is correct, based on experiencing their customer service first hand. Throughout the installations, their level of engagement and attention to detail was exemplary.

“I now look forward to our members experiencing the Nybble customer service ethos, knowledge, passion and accessibility, as well as their willingness to deliver value for money and go the extra mile to delight a customer.”

Ram Gupta, Owner and CEO, Nybble Information Systems, added: “ This is a very strategic partnership for us and one where we will continually strive to develop together. We will achieve this, through raising awareness of recent digital developments and how they can add value to the operations, efficiency and ultimately, the bottom line of the Chamber’s members.

“A great example of this will be the series of educational webinars, when we will help to cut through “the noise” surrounding IT technical support and demonstrate, through practical advice, the type of improvements that members should be considering.

“Any partnership is ultimately about providing a service for the benefit of the end users and I look forward to discussing such opportunities with as many GMCC members as possible.”