Brief Update for ChamberCustoms Customer - 1st Jan 2022

Date: 05/01/2022
Author: GMCC Trade Team
Company: GMCCC Trade Team

Important Notice for our ChamberCustoms Customers (Changes from 1st Jan 2022)

Import Customs Clearances

From 1st January import entries will be required to be pre-lodged prior to the goods leaving the EU. Therefore, you will no longer be able to send entries after the goods have arrived in the UK.

  1. Please continue to send clearance instructions as usual and we will provide an import entry number that your haulier or supplier will require
  2. For goods entering via Ro-Ro ports (the list can be found here) the haulier will need to be registered with the UK Government Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) and create a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) Number. Without this they will be unable to board the ferry and cross the border. Please note this is the hauliers responsibility to create the GMR and foreign hauliers can register for the GVMS system here.
  3. As the goods cross to the UK border the GVMS system will automatically arrive the goods in the UK and taxes and duties will be taken

Export Customs Clearances

Exports will also be departed via GVMS. Again, this is the haulier’s responsibility (e.g., independent driver who does their own paperwork, company that subcontracts to pick up goods, logistics company, businesses that transport and declare their own goods).

How can ChamberCustoms help?

  • Chamber Customs can assist with creating a GMR number for full loads shipments for a small additional charge. However, we cannot assist for groupage shipments. If you require this service, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Please allow 1-2 working days for us to complete the clearance, although we will aim to produce within 1 working day where we have all the required details. This means for shipments crossing at the weekend we will require all details on the Thursday to ensure this is completed in time. Otherwise, there is a risk the clearance will have to wait until the following Monday.
  • Call the team at 0161 393 4314 or email them at if any questions.

Guidance for plant and animal products

Further to the changes above there will be a phased approach starting on the 1st January 2022-November 2022 for plants, products of animal origin and animal by products. For POAO and ABP from 1st January IPAFFS pre-notification will be required (at least 4 hours in advance of the shipment arriving). Unfortunately, we are currently unable to help with this but you can follow the guidance here.

Commodity Codes

Please also be aware that to add to the above there will also be some changes with commodity codes and new codes may be required for your goods. Please check this before submitting customs clearance requests to ensure your commodity code is still in use in the UK.

Guidance for Hauliers & Drivers 

  • How can hauliers prepare? There is some guidance here that you can send to your hauliers or EU suppliers which they can pass on if they arrange the transport
  • There is also some guidance for drivers available in 10 different languages here.

Further help on upcoming changes

  • If you missed our latest Trade update updating companies on the Jan 2022 changes, check the recording here
  • Read our blog with a summary of key changes here
  • Got a question?  Email us at or