Business Opportunities for Homeware Products

Date: 25/08/2020
Author: GMCC International Trade Team
Company: GMCC International Trade Team

A unique opportunity to pitch their products to a well-known buyer is currently available to UK companies. The buyer is one of the largest home improvements stores chains with shops in 7 Latin American countries.  

The buyer is looking for high-end, well-designed products from the following categories: 

  • Decoration (rugs, curtains, clocks, wall paper, accessories, hanging lamps, etc) 
  • Tools (tool for electricians, industrial tools, more specialised and innovative tools, etc.) 
  • Automobile accessories (except spare parts, oils and paints) 
  • Kitchen Items (designer things to cook and products for the specialist, no home appliances) 
  • Garden (tools, fake plants, products for pets, orchard, compost bin, etc. 
  • Organisation (shelves, folding closets, boxes with design, etc) 

There is also an opportunity for home fragrances suppliers to meet with a buyer in Malaysia.  

The meetings will be part of our Meet the Buyer series of events and are a cost-effective way of meetings with overseas buyers without incurring travel costs.  

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