GMCC Launches New Letter of Credit Service

Date: 14/07/2020
Author: Amy Swindells
Company: GMCC Trade Team

The GMCC Trade Team have recently expanded our service offering to help companies trading internationally with letters of credit. We now offer three levels of service as outlined below.  

Initial Letter of Credit or Draft Check  

Initial L/C check where our checker will advise on any areas of concern and any comments on the initial letter of credit.  

Document Check 

Pre-check of your documents before you officially send them to the bank for payment and provide written comments and suggestions as appropriate. 

Letter of Credit Full Service  

  1. Work through the initial draft letter of credit and point out workability issues. Provide suggestions for amendments. 
  1. When shipment takes place: 
  • Produce documentation such as invoices, packing lists and beneficiary certificates, apply for certificate of origin as required based on information provided 
  • Liaise with 3rd parties e.g. freight forwarders and insurance brokers to ensure correct documents such as bills of lading, AWBs and insurance certificates are produced to l/c terms. 
  • Collate all documents and present them to the bank in a timely manner 

Prices start from £50+VAT for members and the full-service cost will depend on the complexity of the letter of credit  

If you would like anymore information about any of the above, please email