Greater Manchester Chamber Communities Foundation Launches Hate Crime Awareness Project

Date: 23/09/2020
Author: Greater Manchester Communities Foundation
Company: Greater Manchester Communities Foundation

Greater Manchester Chamber Communities Foundation (GMCCF) is delighted to announce the successful application to the Community Spirit 2020 Grants Programme. This funding programme was developed to recognise and celebrate the diversity in our society and its community spirit. 

GMCCF’s Hate Crime Awareness Project has been developed to support the community with interactive resources and information on what a hate crime or hate incidents are and how they can report them to the police or third party reporting centres that suit their location or specific need.  


Starting this week, GMCCF are launching a dedicated mini podcast series, were GM Chamber charity partners Venture Arts, valued member LGBT Foundation and Europia, a charity and community development organisation who are committed to supporting and empowering European nationals who have come to live and work in Greater Manchester, will come together to discuss their organisations role in ending hate crime in Greater Manchester. In addition, we will discuss what hate crime is, how and where individuals can access help from the police and/or third-party reporting centres and how it may have affected their community. Listen to them here.


Additionally, GMCCF will today be launching a free online resource pack on their website, containing an interactive publication of all the relevant hate crime awareness information an individual or organisation may need. This information will be available as digital information cards which can be used on social media or printed to have on hand in day to day life. There will be a nominal amount of hard copy resource packs made available via free delivery for organisation who don’t have printing facilities. If you would like a free hard copy click here


This programme has been made possible through Manchester City Council and Manchester Community Safety Partnership, who makes funding available annually to support projects across the city that promote awareness of hate crime and how to report it. Macc administers this grants programme on behalf of the Council. 

Hate crime is significantly under-reported. Even in difficult times, continued efforts by local groups and organisations are needed to raise awareness of and challenge hate crime in our communities and to help instil confidence in victims by highlighting how and where hate crime incidents can be reported. 


According to the latest data provided by the Greater Manchester Police, between July 2018 and June 2019, 1,614 hate motivated crimes were recorded over this specific period. These are the latest figures published and are correct as of the 2nd July 2019. Of those 1,614 hate motivated crimes, 1,097 were race motivated. GMCCF’s aim for this project is to focus on providing resources for the most affected communities by hate crime, however our resources are available for all individuals in the community, irrespective of their location in Manchester or wider GM. 


GMCCF envision a community where no one is isolated, left out, vulnerable or unable to fulfil their potential due to their adverse social or economic conditions. In Manchester and GM, we must make it clear that hate crime is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, we want people to be treated the same and feel able to contribute to their community’s wellbeing.   


Let’s end hate crime together!