HMRC Grant available for customs training

Date: 11/08/2020
Author: GMCC International Trade Team
Company: GMCC International Trade Team

In September 2019, HMRC initially launched a grant to help businesses upskill their staff to make customs declarations, recruit new staff and invest in IT software and hardware. Last month, the government unveiled a new package of £50m to help businesses prepare for the changes post-transition period.  

This new package can be used by both companies trading internationally and customs intermediaries who will need to start making customs declarations from 2021 and we urge companies to make the most of this opportunity.  

Applying for the grant is a simple and straightforward process. Eligibility criteria and information on how to use the grant can be found on the government website here 

Where can you use it? 

  • Training  

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce offers export and import courses that this grant can help fund. Please see a full list of our courses on our website here. The training can also be delivered in-house if you’d like to train your internal team, this allows you to get a more bespoke approach and look at specific examples within your business. If you’d like to discuss your own business needs and would like help identifying which courses are eligible for the grant, please email the team at  

  • IT Software and Hardware 

Customs declarations can be complex and if you would like to do these internally, you might need to invest in a bespoke software. We can help connect you with some of our trusted partners who can provide this service for you and discuss further. Please contact the team if you’d like an introduction.  

  • Recruitment  

If you will need to hire new staff to complete customs declarations or need support promoting internally, you can also use the grant to pay for recruitment services and promotion and to cover a part of their salary. All details are included on the government website at the start of this article 

This is a great opportunity for UK traders to help them prepare for the changes to come in January. Please contact us at if you have any questions.