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Date: 30/10/2020
Author: GMCC Trade Team
Company: GMCC Trade Team

As we come close to our 2020 edition of Meet the Expert, we are focused on providing support to UK companies seeking to grow their global footprint whilst observing the changes that will come about as we exit the EU.

Our edition this year has been broken down in 3 main key markets:

  • Europe

As of 2019, 53% of the UK’s exports of goods were to Europe, with 48% of to the EU alone. As we continue our journey to become an independent nation, it is important to recognise that Europe remains a vital market and one that still offers opportunities for export growth with an untapped potential for British companies estimated at over USD$76billion!


  • Asia & Oceania

UK Exports of goods have been steadily growing to this region and between 2016 & 2019, they grew 29% and contributing 17% to the total UK’s exports. China dominates exports in the region, and we are seeing growth in the ASEAN region as well as Australia. The region as a whole has potential for further export growth of about USD$50bn.

The UK recently signed its first trade agreement with Japan which the UK Government says will increase trade with this nation by an estimated £15.2bn! This is another opportunity to meet with our Japan market experts to find out more how to capitalise on this new agreement.


  • Africa and Middle East

As of 2019, the total UK’s exports to the region accounted 7% of the total exports to the world. Between 2016 & 2019, whilst exports to the Sub-Saharan Africa grew by 9%, those to the Middle East and North Africa experienced decline by 5%. The region offers potential for growth of over USD$22billion.

Not Only Market Experts Are At Hand To Help You....

All of our MTE Series are also including experts covering a wide range of areas which are key to ensure you are successful in growing your international sales. Observing the technical side of moving goods with these overseas markets is also a key element of your international strategy. So, do not forget to book places with our technical experts:

  • Logistics
  • Legal covering contract regulations and more
  • Cross-Border VAT
  • Customs Declarations and Documentation
  • Export Health Certificates – for those in the food and drink sector, or trading animal origin products