Campaign for Business 2024

Chamber President Emma Holt outlines the Campaign for Business 2024

This could be a pivotal year for the country as we may well have a General Election to accompany May's GM Mayoral Election.

The date of the latter is nailed on for 2nd May whilst speculation is rife as to when the General Election will take place. We know that this has to be before the end of January 2025 and with Winter Elections proving a little unpopular there are two camps emerging that it will be in May alongside local elections or possibly later in the year in Autumn giving more time for economic figures to improve.

Second guessing national decision making is never an easy thing to do, and this one is probably one of the least easy governments to 'read' but, whenever the Prime Minister decides to go to the polls, it is vital that as a business community here in GM we have a strong platform which to campaign on for whoever forms the next government.

Likewise for the Mayoral Election it is important that whoever is in office come May 3rd that they know and understand what the local business community needs.

So with this in mind I want to start the work now in helping put together, with your help, what you want to see from the Next Mayor here in GM and from the next UK Government.

We are using 5 themes to bring these ‘asks’ together and reflect work the Chamber is already doing making sure that we can represent the voice of business in GM. The themes are; Connectivity, Skills, Trade, Net Zero and Business Conditions.

Over the coming weeks up to the end of January we will be highlighting one of these themes and using the opportunity to test some ideas out, based on information we have already gathered, and asking for any urgent issues we may have missed. We'll be looking for evidence and also if anyone has any expertise that they would like to share with us as part of this work.

We will build all this work up into our 2024 Campaign for Business document which we will use at the local and national elections and beyond as a blueprint for business in GM.

We want to make this as interactive and engaging as possible, so please look at the subjects that we have already tackled: 

Connectivity - we focus on how we can move goods, people and data around more efficiently and effectively - read more here

Skills - we explore what needs doing to support the work already taking place to make sure that we can help create the best skilled workforce for current and future needs in Greater Manchester - read more here.

Trade - since Brexit, international trade is a subject has never been far away from the headlines and which plays a critical part in the UK economy - read more here.

Net Zero and Sustainability - this issue creates a range of responses from business owners and the general public alike. With increasing legislation and deadlines approaching it is an issue that isn’t going away but one that also can raise more questions than answers - read more here

Business Conditions - Set against a backdrop of seemingly never-ending economic challenges and a host of other issues, many businesses face a range of obstacles that were not there just four or five years ago - read more here

We'll be pulling all this together at our Winter Assembly 9th February.

Book your place here.