Welfare Initiative For Corporates

Company Name:Sports Media Agency in partnership with RunThrough and Run For Charity
Date: 12/09/2024
Time: 14.00 - 21.30
Borough: Salford Media City Manchester
Contact Name: Richard Truett
Contact Email: Richard.truett@sportsmediaagency.com
Contact Telephone: 07881942843

We would be delighted if your company could join us for the launch of the ForCorporate UK event series.

In short summary we are connecting corporates, cities and communities in a welfare initiative that is heavily focussed on DEI and enabling every person to participate in their way. Take the opportunity to invest in your staff welfare and be part of the launch event in Media City this September . We start in Manchester and follow up in London for 2024. The series builds to 5 cities in 2025 and 12 cities in 2026.

Teams of 5 people can enter either a mens, womens, mixed (incl non binary) or walking teams . Every person can enter on their terms. Each team member runs 5 km each in a relay carrying a timed baton. Walkers form a team of 5 and walk 5km together.

A festival follows where food and drinks are provided from local businesses with DJ's and live music . Companies can select from a vast array of charities to support from our partnership with Run For Charity

We are working with Universities to strengthen the relationships between employers and graduates and have effective measures to deliver the events on a sustainable basis.

if staff welfare is important to you we would be delighted to have you on board.

Registration deadline: 12/09/2024

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MEMBERS £0.00 Excluding VAT