Cargo Insurance - Minimising Risks

Cargo losses and damages can happen at any time - whether due to natural disaster,  negligence, criminal events or other.   When this happens, there could be huge financial risks when relying on international freight conventions for compensation instead of securing a good cargo insurance.  

Understanding the importance of reducing the inherit risks attached to cargo loss and damage,  Greater Manchester Chamber has partnered up with JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers who can offer bespoke cover for your Cargo Insurance. 

Cargo Insurance gives you peace of mind when exporting and importing goods, that should something go wrong during transit, you can receive compensation. A Cargo policy can also supplement the core cover of Institute Clauses by covering additional costs and expenses.

JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers will discuss the nature of goods carried, annual spending, insurance clauses and world destinations making sure you have the correct insurance cover. Otherwise you could be throwing the cost of your insurance premium overboard into the sea along with those lost containers! 

For more information and to get in touch with our insurance partner, please contact or call 0161 494 4314.