UK & International Credit Checks

Trading overseas increases opportunities for your business but it can also increase risk.

"The average annual debt written off by SME’s is £20,403 (an increase of 70 percent) this demonstrates the importance of conducting financial checks on your customers before providing credit (Bibby Financial, 2017)"

Working with our partners, we can support you conducting due diligence on UK & overseas customers and suppliers, so you can better assess and manage business risk.

We can provide you with an in-depth financial report on any UK & overseas company in any market within 5 working days.

The report includes:

  • company details

  • credit risk rating

  • corporate data

  • financials

  • legal notices

  • directors

  • payment profile

  • banking information

Please note that for some companies the above information may not be available, in this case we will confirm if the company is legally registered within the country and advise on your next steps. 

For reports that are unable to be processed due to the company not existing, the chamber is unable to offer refunds. 

For further details or to order a report, please email or call 0161 393 4368.