Customs Declarations – Online Training Available

Date: 24/03/2020
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC

Once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, customs declarations will become mandatory for all shipments going to or coming from the customs union. To help businesses during this transition, we have launched our Customs Declaration service to carry out the customs clearance on behalf of exporters and importers and we’ve also started delivering customs declarations training. In 2019, our team have trained over 240 delegates both in Manchester and throughout the UK in completing simple export and import customs declarations.   

While this course is ran at the Chamber twice a year and can also be delivered in-house for your team, given the current situation it is also now available online. This 5 hour e-learning platform covers an introduction to international trade along with key areas for customs declarations such as Customs Procedures Code (CPCs), Commodity Code, Customs Simplified Procedures and Valuation methods giving delegates a basic working knowledge of how to complete simple import and export customs declarations from the comfort of your own office/house.  

To register and get your link to attend this online training, please see here. 

If you have any questions about our Customs Declaration Service or would like to enquire about an in-house course, please contact our team at