Customs Declarations – Online Training Available

Date: 24/03/2020
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC

Are you a customs agent? Or does your company use customs agents and intermediaries to help you trade with the EU? If so, you need to know how to meet customs requirements fast and efficiently for 1st January. There will be new processes to follow and new forms to complete. Our training will highlight what you need to know to complete customs declarations accurately and efficiently.

Whilst the course is run as an interactive session at the Chamber and can also be delivered in-house for your team, given the current situation it is also now available online. This 5 hour e-learning platform covers an introduction to international trade along with key areas for customs declarations such as Customs Procedures Code (CPCs), Commodity Code, Customs Simplified Procedures and Valuation methods giving delegates a basic working knowledge of how to complete simple import and export customs declarations from the comfort of your own office/house. 

There are 9 modules where you can learn at your own pace, these include:

  1. Introduction to trade
  2. Business responsibilities
  3. Export process
  4. Import process
  5. Valuation – explanation of the main methods and their application
  6. Classification – determining the use of commodity codes
  7. Using customs procedure codes – use of appropriate
  8. CPCs export and import controls
  9. Reliefs preferences customs simplified procedures – explanation of procedures and benefits

Price member rate: £190+VAT; standard rate £230+VAT

For more information or to receive the link, please email