Date: 07/11/2023
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has been made aware that Switzerland is no longer accepting digital stamps and signatures. Swiss customs had been accepting digital signatures and stamps as a temporary easement during Covid but have now reverted to insisting on wet stamps and signatures. 

What does this mean for UK exporters? 

  • You can no longer apply for the EUR1 for Switzerland using the express method.   
  • We can only accept standard applications for the Chamber to print for you. 
  • You will need to send to us a pre signed EUR1 certificate for us to print your application, alternatively arrangements can be made that you can lodge with the Chamber pre-signed EUR1s. 

Pre signed EUR1s need to have pages – 1, 3 and 4 signed – there is no need to complete anything else other than your signature as the electronic ecert application will print this for you. 

Need further support? 

  • Check out calendar of events and check upcoming sessions of our Step-by-Step EUR1 workshop. Members access preferential rates. 
  • Access our How to guides in our Trade Hub here 
  • For any other enquiries, email us at