Export of goods to GCC showing clear signs of recovery for exporters in the Northwest

Date: 07/11/2023
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Up to 2016, the Northwest Region was the leading exporter in the UK to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, contributing 18% to the total UK’s exports to this region. By 2019, exports have fallen dramatically with the North West ranking 4th, contributing 10% to the total Exports. 

However, from 2020 till 2022, exports have shown signs of recovery despite the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19,  exporters in the Northwest shown resilience and exports of goods have seen positive signs of recovery and in 2022, exports of goods reached £2.1bn, although we are still far off from the £3bn mark reached back in 2016. 

The recovery on the exports of goods in the region is primarily driven by better performance from the machinery sector, which contributes towards 58% of the total exports to the region – although it is worth highlighting that this sector has experienced a steady decline in the past five years. This is followed by a significant increase in exports of chemicals, which have gone from contributing a mere 7% since 2016 to a whopping 20% as of 2022. Lastly, miscellaneous manufactures ranked 3rd, contributing 11%. Whilst it is worth mentioning the increase in the exports of food and live animals by 54%, they continue contribute to about 5% of the total exports to the GCC countries, which is the same as manufactured goods. 

Whilst once again reaching £2.1bn in exports is a significant milestone for the region, it is clear the region still has room to continue growing and regain market share lost over the past few years. 

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