BCAE Architects Launch Manchester Office

Date: 09/04/2024
Author: BCAE Architects
Company: BCAE Architects

BCAE Architects, a North-West based Architectural Design Studio, have announced their presence in Manchester with several large-scale schemes within the Greater Manchester network.

BCAE Architects is a dynamic and innovative architectural firm located in Lancashire, in the North-West of England. Specialising in high-end bespoke residential and commercial architecture across the UK, the architectural practice takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial projects.

Both the directors (Ben & Arron) pursued their undergraduate degrees together and have maintained a close friendship ever since. In 2022, they co-founded BCAE Architects following an influx of exciting projects. Since the studios inception, the practice has flourished, benefiting from the diverse yet complementary skill sets of both Ben and Arron.

Their expertise lies in residential architecture, catering to various scales and project budgets. They collaborate on projects involving new constructions as well as renovations across the North West and the wider UK. Additionally, they enthusiastically undertake innovative commercial developments.

In addition to Ben and Arron, the team comprises off talented designers, and they collaborate with partners and consultants to bring clients' visions to fruition.

Experience in Luxury Residential 


At BCAE Architects, they work hand-in-hand with clients on self-build projects offering tailored guidance, creative expertise, and practical insights. From the initial sketches to the final construction, every home will reflect your unique vision, lifestyle, budget and aspirations.

Eco homes

At the core of a new-build eco home design lies a commitment to sustainability, integrating features like ground source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, solar panel energy generation, battery storage, heat recovery (MVHR), sustainable drainage systems, and superior insulation and air-tightness.

Bespoke luxury homes

Key for BCAE is high-quality architectural homes that seamlessly integrate clients’ personal preferences to enhance their lifestyles and epitomise the finest aspects of contemporary luxury living. From leisure suites and entertaining spaces to spa and wellness zones, they tailor each home to meet the unique needs of individuals and their families.

Unlock Your Site's Potential

As specialists in bespoke and innovative residential and commercial projects at varying scales and costs, BCAE can help unlock a sites potential, whether it be 0.1 of an acre, 30 acres or more. BCAE draws skills and experience from the talented team of designers and placemakers. From one bespoke superhome to 100 home developments, commercial premises to care homes, BCAE can navigate the process of developing land and figure out what is possible.

Co-Director of BCAE Architects, Ben Craven said: “From the outset, we can advise on whether your land is suitable for development, as well as any planning pitfalls or restrictions on the land. We’ll assess your land’s feasibility potential, evaluate opportunities and constraints, and advise you on timescale and budget considerations. From then, we can help gain planning approval or put you in touch with developers, providing comprehensive support along the way.”

Do you have land to build on? If you have land with or without planning permission, BCAE have several clients who are actively seeking sites.

Self-build? BCAE can help you get your grand design off to a flying start if you have found the right site.

Greenbelt or farmland? An open field or previously used agriculture land are in big demand – let BCAE help get the process started.

Brownfield or previously developed site? Whether commercial or an existing house with land – BCAE have experience of realising the potential and maximising your return on investment.

Garden plot? Maybe you have an unused plot of land in your garden that you don’t know what to do with? Even if it has tight access, BCAE Architects may be able to help.

Be inspired by recent BCAE projects (visit ‘our projects’ on www.bcae-architects.co.uk to find out more).

Director Arron El-Ammar added: “We are seeing a significant increase in interest from a number of clients looking to develop their land and our knowledge and thorough approach help drive the successful placemaking and regeneration of sites, no matter the size."