Commercial sector urged to take back control of energy consumption

Date: 15/03/2024
Author: Alexandra Connolly
Company: Climarite Ltd

Climarite is urging fellow chamber members to review the energy management of its commercial buildings to reduce costs by up to 30 per cent.

The refrigeration and air conditioning specialists claims that despite almost half (43%) of business leaders identifying energy prices as their biggest concern in a recent study, many continue to take inadequate action and are haemorrhaging money as a result.

This week the Cold Chain Federation launched a campaign to increase the temperature set point for frozen foods from -18C to -15C – the three degree difference amounting to an estimated 10 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

With the commercial and industrial sectors responsible for a colossal two-thirds of the UK’s energy consumption - refrigeration and air conditioning the primary contributor – Climarite is determined to help spread the message and cut costs for businesses.

Patrick Connolly, Managing Director at Climarite says: “considering energy consumption is high on the agenda for most businesses, collectively we are still not doing enough to effectively manage the output of our buildings and take advantage of cost saving strategies.

“This inactivity is often due to either lack of understanding about the solutions available or a concern over the level of investment required. Contrary to this, significant reductions in consumption can be made with limited disruption and expenditure.

Manufacturing and food production, as well as large retail and office space, are amongst the hardest hit by poor energy management in the commercial space.

Following the success of its Energy Management Review (EMR) service launched last year, Climarite pledges further support to all new and existing customers by offering as a value-added service with no additional fees attached”.

EMR compliments other unique products provided by Climarite, such as the remote monitoring of equipment, advanced controllers and digital service technology.

For more information about how your business can benefit from Climarite’s EMR services please call: 01704 630 515.